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20 kroner coin with the Sesa Stallion7th of August 2008
The Sea Stallion on coins

On Saturday the Sea Stallion will arrive in the harbour of Roskilde. But today he Danish National Bank just presented special Viking money: A coin with the Sea Stallion. The coin has a value of 20 kroner. Read more

The Sea Stallion returns
Photo: Viking Ships Museum

26th of June 2008
The Sea Stallion returns to Roskide

The Viking ship The Sea Stallion is now returning from Dublin in Ireland and is expected to arrive in Roskilde in Denmark at the 9th of August. Last year it passed North of Scotland but in 2008 it will go South of England and - among other places - make a stop in the harbour of Portsmouth. Read more

Prehistoric exhibition at the National Museum15th of April 2008
New Viking exhibition in Copenhagen
At the 17th of May the National Museum in Copenhagen opens a new prehistoric exhibition including some of the best know archaeological Viking age finds of Denmark.

The exhibition covers 2200 square meters and is financed by the shipping company Maersk by a donation of 4,8 million Euro. Read more

6th of April 2008
Are Vikings more happy?
Research studies seem to show that people in former Viking areas seem to be happier and show more trust to each other than many other people. Now scientists from Aarhus University start studies to see if there is a connection between the Viking herritage and the development of trade and legal institutions in Scandinavia today. Read more

Viking longship2nd of April 2008
New "beauty" Viking ship will soon be launched
In May another large Viking ship will be launched near Roskilde in Denmark. The new longship is 24 meter long and will have space for 38 oarsmen. The ship will be among the largest Viking ships in Denmark - only second to The Sea Stallion in length - but expected to be much faster than the larger colleague.

The new ship is inspired by the Ladby Ship and has extraordinary beautiful lines. It is build by Maritimt Forsøgscenter - a private maritime experimental centre. The new ship will be part of a small fleet of Viking ships used for tourist trips and events. Read more

5th of January 2008
The Sea Stallion live on BBC tonight
This evening the BBC will send a reportage about the voyage of the Sea Stallion last summer. If you don't have access to English TV you still have many possibilities of seeing the Sea Stallion live on the internet. Read more

6th of December 2007
The Sea Stallion leaves Dublin in June
At the 29th of June 2008 the Viking ship The Sea Stallion is planned to leave Dublin heading for Roskilde. The Viking Ship Museum is working on a plan to let the impressing Viking ship visit London on its way back - but this plan is not yet ensured. Read more

4th of December 2007
The Calendar is updated
Viking Today has started updating the calendar covering Viking and other prehistoric events in 2008. For this purpose a form is made to make it easy to inform the editor about coming events. We thank you for using it - helping us to keep the calendar updated.

20th of November 2007
The Sea Stallion seeks crew members
Last summer the largest reconstructed Viking ship went from Denmark to Ireland passing the North Sea with a crew of 65. Next summer the Viking ship will go back from Dublin to Roskilde and for this voyage the Sea Stallion from Glendalough is seeking men and women who are ready to live and work on board. Read more about the challange. 

silver coin from viking age silver coin from viking age
Rare silver coin from king Olof Skötkonung. Note the bird on the backside of the coin
Photo: ArkoDok, Gotland
23rd of September 2007
New silver hoard on Gotland
On the Swedish island Gotland in the Baltic Sea it is almost routine to find silver treasures - and recently it happened again. When a garden owner turned the soil for the coming winter he opened for 54 silver coins. More than half of the coins were from the English king Ethelred who in 1012 were forced to pay the Danish king Sven Forkbeard 48.000 pounds of silver but there were also German, Arab and Swedish coins. Ass. professor Dan Carlsson from ArkeDok Gotland stresses that especially the Swedish coins are interesting because they are very rare. They were minted by the Swedish king Olof Skötkonung (994-1022). Only few days ago archaeologists found 15 coins more in the same garden. So the hoard now counts 69 silver coins. Anyhow it is still relatively small compared to many other finds on Gotland. This summer archaeologist added more coins to a treasure that now counts 800 silver coins. See pictures of the coins from the new find and read more about the hoard.

Danish Minister for Cultural Affairs Brian Mikkelsen
Photo: Klaus Holsting
15th of August 2007:
No excuse for the Vikings
When the Viking ship The Sea Stallion arrived in Dublin this week the Danish minister for cultural affairs Brian Mikkelsen made a speech saying that the Vikings "did a lot of damages to the Irish people". Some Irish medias has therefore quoted him for giving an excuse for the violent acting of the Vikings. The minister however denies that he gave an excuse:

- We don't excuse for the activities of the Vikings 1000 years ago. They acted as one did at that time, says Brian Mikkelsen to the Danish newspaper Politiken.

14th of August 2007:
The Sea Stallion arrives in Dublin
Today the The Sea Stallion will arrive at its goal for this years voyage: The Irish capitol Dublin. The coming winter the Viking ship will be exhibited in the city and next year it will go South of England through the Canal on its way back to its home harbour in Roskilde.

3rd of July 2007:
Building the Sea Stallion lastet 4 years
Building a Viking ship is hard work - especially if it is done with the same tools as the Vikings used. The Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde used four years to build The Sea Stallion from Glendalough. Read article about the building process

2nd of July 2007:
The Sea Stallion in the North Sea
After leaving its home town Roskilde yesterday, The Sea Stallion has already past the North of Denmark - Skagen - and is now entering the North Sea on its way to England. The wind is 15 m/s and the ship has an average speed of 5 knots using sails.

The Worlds largest viking shipViking ship is sailing from Denmark to Ireland in July
The Worlds largest reconstruction of a viking ship - The Sea Stallion from Glendalough - will go on a journey from Denmark to Ireland in the coming summer.

The 30 meter long viking ship will start in Roskilde near Copenhagen and pass the North Sea on its way to Dubin in Ireland. The crew consist of 65 people from 11 different countries.

Read More about the trip starting at the 1st of July
14th of April 2007

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