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Building the Sea Stallion Viking ship

Viking Ship

The Sea Stallion near Scotland
The Sea Stallion near the Scottish coast
Photo: Werner Karrasch, The Viking Ship Museum

5th January 2008

The voyage of the Viking ship The Sea Stallion was one of the most covered media events last summer.

Among others the national English TV broadcasting company BBC had two persons among the crew - a camera man and a producer - participating on most of the tour.

The Sea Stallion in Dublin
The Sea Stallion entering the harbour of Dublin
Photo: The Viking Ship Museum

Now their film is ready to be shown and it will be send in primetime on BBC2 at 19.55 (7.55 pm) at the 5th of January.

The film shows the seven week long voyage and comes close to the daily life of the crew but also gives an impression of why the Vikings developed to be such highly qualified seamen.

The Sea Stallion at open sea
BBC was part of the crew in 7 weeks
Photo: Werner Karrasch, The Viking Ship Museum

The film shows the sailing, crossing the North Sea, the visit at the Orkney Islands, the great nature of the Scottish coast and the arrival at Dublin.

Apart from the TV broadcast BBC has also made a homepage about the Sea Stallion with lots of information about the ship.

The homepage includes a diary with daily records of films from the voyage. So if you don't live in London or other places with access to English TV there are still good possibilities of seeing the Sea Stalling live.

You will find the BBC page about the Sea Stallion at:

Also Danish national TV DR has made a homepage about the Sea Stallion, but the information is in Danish so it is most useful for Danish speaking visitors - although of course the films can be watched by everybody (if you can find them :-)

You find the Sea Stallion page from DR on this address:

Worlds largest viking ship - The Sea Staillon
The Sea Stallion. Photo: The Viking Ship Museum