The Sea Stallion
on its way home to Roskilde

Building the Sea Stallion Viking ship

Viking Ship

The Sea Stallion at sea
Photo: Werner Karrasch, The Viking Ship Museum

28th June 2008

Last year the Viking ship The Sea Stallion went on a voyage to Dublin from its home harbour in the Danish town Roskilde. This year the ship is going home again.

In contrary to last year The Sea Stallion will pass south of England and go through the Canal and Limfjorden in Denmark on its way to Roskilde.

In Roskilde it will be welcomed with at great Viking Market at The Viking Ship's Museum. Also the town of Roskilde is supporting to make the return of The Sea Stallion to a festival for the whole town which - on the arriving day - will have flags with ship's logo on the main streets.

It is expected that The Sea Stallion will arrive at Saturday the 9th of August 2008 at 14.00 (2 pm) at the Museum Harbour at the Viking Ships Museum in Roskilde. 

The voyage starts from Dublin Dockland, Custom Quay at 12.00 at Sunday the 29th of June 2008.

Cable One
Photo: The Viking Ship Museum

The Sea Stallion is expected to enter several harbours on its way from Ireland to Denmark but only one is specific: The Sea Stallion is expected to be in Portsmouth the 12th and 13 of July at the Maritime Museum.

In Denmark it is planned to make stops in Glyngøre in Limfjorden and in Ebeltoft by the famous Frigate Jylland - the largest wooden ship in the World - as the last stop before arriving in Roskilde.

During most of the voyage the Sea Stallion will be joined by the Cable One - although this ship is not able to pass through Limfjorden.

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Worlds largest viking ship - The Sea Staillon
The Sea Stallion. Photo: The Viking Ship Museum