September 2009

Tuesday 1. Largs Viking Festival, UK  
Wednesday 2. Largs Viking Festival, UK   
Thursday 3. Largs Viking Festival, UK  
Friday 4. Largs Viking Festival, UK  
Saturday 5. Largs Viking Festival, UK  
Sunday 6. Largs Viking Festival, UK  
Monday 7.   37
Tuesday 8.    
Wednesday 9.    
Thursday 10.    
Friday 11.    
Saturday 12. Hvolris Market, Denmark  
Sunday 13. Hvolris Market, Denmark  
Monday 14.   38
Tuesday 15.    
Wednesday 16.    
Thursday 17.    
Friday 18.    
Saturday 19.    
Sunday 20.     
Monday 21.   39
Tuesday 22. Equinox - day and night equally long  
Wednesday 23.    
Thursday 24.    
Friday 25.    
Saturday 26.    
Sunday 27.    
Monday 28.   40
Tuesday 29.    
Wednesday 30.    
Next month
Hvolris Market is placed in a reconstructed iron age area in Jutland in Denmark. It covers a mix of different ages starting with present time at the entrance moving to viking age and iron age at the top of the hill where reconstructed iron age houses are situated permantly. At the momen there is no english description of the market, but you are welcome to have an impression of the Danish version by a automatic translation.