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Røde Orm
Viking ship, Roskilde Fjord


Viking Ship

Røde Orm, Viking ship, Denmark
Photo: Maritime Experimental Centre

The ships of the Maritime Experimental Centre differs considerably from most other Danish Viking ships, as the building was motivated far more by a desire to sail than a wish to recreate archaeological finds. This desire has led to the construction of a series of ships, of which the Nidhug and the Røde Orm (lit. Red Snake) are the largest.

Røde Orm is based largely on the same construction as its big sister Nidhug, but carries fewer passengers. On the other hand, they are forced to row when the weather is not fit for hoisting the sail, as it is not - unlike its big sister - equipped with a motor.

Se also the sistership Nidhug

Facts about the Viking ship
Type: The ship is not a replica of a specific find, but is inspired by the Norwegian Gokstad ship - same type as the larger sister ship Nidhug.

Minimum crew: 2-3 persons

Maximum persons: 10 persons excl. crew

Number of oarsmen: 10

Hight of mast: 8 meters

Sail area: 30 m2 (plus an additional 30 m2 when employing studding-sail)

Overall length: 10,5 meters

Weight: 1 tons. The ship is constructed to sail without ballast

Width: 2,5 meters

Depth: 0,5 meters without rudder

Building: 1995 (launching)

Builders: Participants in an unemployment scheme in Bramsnæs (near Roskilde, Denmark)

Owner: Maritimt Forsøgscenter a.m.b.a.

Native Harbour: Lyndby Strand, Roskilde Fjord, Denmark

Contact: mr. Tonny Andersen
Address: Østergade 3, Lyndby, 4070 Kr. Hyllinge, phone (+45) 46 43 70 36

Boat Guild: Membership is awarded by the board of directors, but anyone can apply for membership.

Terms of hiring: The ship may be hired for a number of occasions. Tours range from three-hour picknic-sails to longer, overnight journeys.