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Roar Ege
Viking ship, Roskilde


Viking Ship

Roar Ege viking ship

This is Viking Ship Museum’s own bid on a replica of one of the most frequently rebuilt wrecks. It was also the first larger reconstruction the museum in Roskilde made.

Unlike most other Skuldelev 3-replicas, this one is full size and as close to the original as possible (i.e. handwoven, woolen sail). The Skuldelev 3 ship is a smaller ship which has been used for transport and trade in inner waters like Roskilde Fjord.

Many other people has been inspired by the Skuldelev 3 ship exhibited in the Viking Ship Museum. Even in Roskilde Fjord there are is another Skuldelev 3 reconstruction - Sif Ege.

Facts about the Viking ship
Type: Small trading ship, replica of the Skuldelev 3

Minimum crew: 5 persons

Maximum persons: 8 persons

Number of oarsmen: 6

Hight of mast: 10,3 meters

Sail area: 36 m2 (handwowen wool)

Overall length: 14 meters

Weight: 2 tons + 3,5 tons. ballast

Width: 3,4 meters

Depth: 0,86 meters without rudder

Building: 1982 - 84

Builders: the Viking Ship Museum, Roskilde, Denmark

Owner: the Viking Ship Museum, Roskilde

Native Harbour: Roskilde, Denmark

Contact: mr. Poul Nygaard, phone (+45) 46 30 02 00


Terms of hiring: Renting is possible for groups as well as individuals for shorter trips. Courses in sailing square-sailed ships - contact the museum.