Earth Hour - Summertime

March 2011

Tuesday 1.    
Wednesday 2.    
Thursday 3.    
Friday 4.    
Saturday 5.    
Sunday 6.    
Monday 7.   10
Tuesday 8. International Women's Day  
Wednesday 9.    
Thursday 10.    
Friday 11.    
Saturday 12.    
Sunday 13.    
Monday 14.   11
Tuesday 15.    
Wednesday 16.    
Thursday 17.    
Friday 18.    
Saturday 19.    
Sunday 20.    
Monday 21. Equinox - day and night equally long 12
Tuesday 22.    
Wednesday 23.    
Thursday 24.    
Friday 25.    
Saturday 26. Earth Hour  
Sunday 27. Start of summertime (Europe)  
Monday 28.   13
Tuesday 29.    
Wednesday 30.    
Thursday 31.    
Earth Hour is organized by the World Wildlife Fund. Earth Hour was held for the first time in Australia in 2007 and has spreath to the rest of the world. It got a special meaning before the Climate Conference in Copenhagen 2009 when the politicians tried to reach agreement to reduce CO2-emision. Read more about Earth Hour

The International Womens Day was decided at the an International Women's Conference at the Second International in 1910 in Copenhagen, but no specific day was decided. The year after a Womens Day was held in Germany on the 19th of March. The Women's Day has been connected to the socialist and workers movements and for this reason it developed to an important day in ex Russia - but here it is today rather a holiday to celebrate mothers and wifes rather than a day for political statements. Read more about Women's Day