Vikingemarkets in Aarhus, Roskilde and Trelleborg

July 2007

Viking ship Sea Stallion going from Denmark to Ireland

Sunday 1. Viking Market at The Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde.
The longship The Sea Stallion leaves Roskilde for Ireland
Viking Market in Frederikssund, (Denmark)
Monday 2.   27
Tuesday 3.    
Wednesday 4.    
Thursday 5. Tall Ships' Race in Århus, Roskilde Festival starts  
Friday 6. Tall Ships' Race in Århus  
Saturday 7. Viking Market in Jelling (Denmark)
Tall Ships' Race
in Århus
Sunday 8. Viking market in Jelling
Tall Ships' Race
i Århus, Trelleborg
Monday 9. Viking Market in Trelleborg (Denmark) 28
Tuesday 10. Viking Market in Trelleborg (Denmark)  
Wednesday 11. Viking Market in Trelleborg (Denmark)  
Thursday 12. Viking Market in Trelleborg (Denmark)  
Friday 13. Viking Market in Trelleborg (Denmark)  
Saturday 14. Viking Market in Trelleborg (Denmark)  
Sunday 15. Viking Market in Trelleborg (Denmark)  
Monday 16. Warrior Week in Trelleborg (Denmark) 29
Tuesday 17. Warrior Week in Trelleborg (Denmark)  
Wednesday 18. Warrior Week in Trelleborg (Denmark)  
Thursday 19. Warrior Week in Trelleborg (Denmark)  
Friday 20. Warrior Week in Trelleborg (Denmark)  
Saturday 21. The Battle, Trelleborg, Denmark  
Sunday 22. The Battle, Trelleborg, Denmark  
Monday 23.   30
Tuesday 24.    
Wednesday 25.    
Thursday 26.    
Friday 27.    
Saturday 28. Moesgaard Viking Moot, Århus, Denmark  
Sunday 29. Moesgaard Viking Moot, Århus, Denmark  
Monday 30.   31
Tuesday 31.    
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Tall Ships Race is an internatinal race for training ships. It starts this year in Aarhus and will visit other harbour cities in the Baltic Area too.