Viking market in Ribe

May 2007

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Saturday 5. Viking market in Ribe, South Jutland, Denmark  
Sunday 6. Viking market in Ribe, South Jutland, Denmark  
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Saturday 26. Prehistoric market in Hjemsted  
Sunday 27. Prehistoric market in Hjemsted
Viking Market on the island of Bornholm
Monday 28. Prehistoric market in Hjemsted 22
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Thursday 31.    
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Every year the Viking market in Ribe is one of the earlist events of the season. It is also among the most popular. The Viking Centre of Ribe works hard on making the market as original as possible. Although the majority of the vikings are Danish, many vikings - and tourists - come to this market from Germany and even Poland, Netherlands and other places.

The prehistoric market in Hjemsted (South Jutland, Denmark, only 20 km from Ribe) includes iron age, bronze age, viking age etc. several ages, 

In the Iron Age Village, in Næsby near Odense (Denmark) an Iron Age Market is held every year in may.