Viking Festival in York

February 2008

Friday 1.    
Saturday 2.    
Sunday 3.    
Monday 4.   6
Tuesday 5.    
Wednesday 6.    
Thursday 7.    
Friday 8.    
Saturday 9.    
Sunday 10.    
Monday 11.   7
Tuesday 12.    
Wednesday 13. Jorvik Viking Festival, York  
Thursday 14. Valentines day, Jorvik Viking Festival  
Friday 15. Jorvik Viking Festival, York  
Saturday 16. Jorvik Viking Festival, York  
Sunday 17. Jorvik Viking Festival, York  
Monday 18.   8
Tuesday 19.    
Wednesday 20.    
Thursday 21.    
Friday 22.    
Saturday 23.    
Sunday 24.    
Monday 25.   9
Tuesday 26.    
Wednesday 27.    
Thursday 28.    
Friday 29.    
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In Viking age Jorvik was the name of the town today know as York in the east of England. The town was an important town the so-called Danelagen. Every year in February the Jorvik Viking Festival is held in the town. Every day during the festival as a theme:

Wednesday 13. Feb.: Invasion Day
Thursday 14. Feb. Art Day
Friday 15. Feb: Combat Day
Saturday 16. Feb.: Battle Day
Sundog 17. Feb: International Dag

The Viking Festival in York has nothing less than two Viking markets. One Viking Market with Viking handwork and one Continental Market with taste and handwork from the European Continent.